IT Support Basildon

PC and IT support – Basildon

Basildon, Essex based The Computer Centre is proud to offer IT Support Southend and across Essex. If you need a one stop shop for your Information Technology (IT) and, naturally, PC (Personal Computer) related IT support needs then look no further. Our Webb Tech IT support services include all of the following and much more:

  • IT Support Basildon, Essex
  • Fully Outsourced IT services
  • Full local IT Support plus local IT Consultancy
  • Standby IT support
  • Dedicated Ethernet
  • VOIP telephony service
  • Broadband and Internet Service
  • Leased Telecoms service
  • Hosting for your website
  • Backup and Restore
  • Disaster Recovery planning and implementation
  • Offsite Backup and storage facilities
  • Archival Storage centre
  • IT Cloud Based Services

PC and IT support – Basildon

We are based near Basildon which means that we can be with you very quickly! We can attend your site whenever necessary to provide you with IT support in Basildon. We will be there for you whenever you need IT and wherever you need IT, and that’s a promise!

Our friendly and technically knowledgeable team at The Computer Centre are on hand when you need them most. We always look to work in partnership to get the best from your IT systems, always in the most cost effective way possible.

With the ever escalating costs of IT equipment and the various Software licences mounting up nowadays we will help you to save on these costs. We will clearly explain the short and long term pros and cons of the IT technology and software available to you. We will help you to get the job done, efficiently and effectively, whatever your IT needs are.

IT Support – Basildon – upgrades and replacements

Should you have a malfunctioning desktop PC in need of a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) upgrade or need an entirely new IT Infrastructure planning for to replace your legacy systems then we have the qualified and highly experienced IT engineers available to install your HDD or upgrade your IT Infrastructure!  We can manage the whole process from start to finish on your behalf!

Our customer’s needs are always put first. We hope to be able to build happy long-term business relationships based on trust and knowledge so that you always know where you are regarding any technical IT issues both now and in the future.

The Computer Centre – Providing effective IT Support to Basildon

Whatever your IT and Communications Technology needs are – whether at home, at work or at play please get in touch today for some friendly and free technical IT advice.  We will explain what your IT issues are and how to fix them and can help you to plan for all your future IT requirements.

Beyond Local Area Networks, look up to the Cloud!

If you need a new LAN (Local Area Network) installation, with multi-fault tolerant servers you know where to come! If you just need hooking up to the Cloud, so that you can take full advantage of the multitude of new cloud based solutions online, we can help!

We always strive to avoid any meaningless technical jargon, mumbo jumbo, or confusing acronyms. We will explain to you, in simple terms, exactly what can be done to provide you with the IT Infrastructure that you require. We will happily help with any associated software too. IT is not rocket science, don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes!

If you want IT Technical support in Southend and are perhaps looking to upgrade your legacy software and networks then we are here for you. You may want to implement a Cloud based Service or are possibly worrying about the integration of existing IT equipment. Whatever you need, if you want to hook up your PC’s, printers, scanners, copiers and laptops into a seamless fully networked IT Work environment, then we are here to help!

Fast Fibre Broadband

Today’s fast fibre Business Broadband is a must to give you an edge over your competitors!

Managed cloud based services are just the start! Should you require such services, or any other Information Technology and Telecoms services including full IT Maintenance and Support contracts through to fully outsourced IT services, then please contact us today with your full requirements.

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