Office 365 Migration

Effortless upgrades to the latest Microsoft system

Are you still working with outdated desktop software? As technology changes, it’s important for any business to utilise the latest software to increase productivity and collaboration.

As Microsoft certified partners, we work closely with clients looking to migrate to the latest suite of products. Microsoft 365 offers a wealth of possibilities to businesses, from email resilience to the latest office applications and data storage. At The Computer Centre, we can manage the entire migration effortlessly on your behalf, allowing you to focus on your day job.

Why choose Microsoft 365?

Microsoft Office 365 provides businesses with everything that they’ve come to expect from Microsoft…and much more. Thanks to the latest technology, businesses can expect all the business apps that you have come to know (such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) along with a new dynamic way of working.

Your staff can access any information they need in an instant. Accessible on any device, Microsoft 365 is designed to facilitate remote working. What’s more, thanks to the integration of Microsoft Teams, you can collaborate with colleagues, enabling effective communication and increased productivity.

Managing the process on your behalf

At The Computer Centre, our team of dedicated and expert IT technicians will work with you to find the most appropriate IT solution for your needs. If we recommend the migration to Microsoft 365, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages, helping you to come to an informed decision.

Our proactive approach to Microsoft 365 migration will ensure that any business disruption is kept to a minimum. We know that your employees need an IT system that works effectively, and we’ll manage the entire process on your behalf, with full support before, during and after the installation.

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