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Server backup – a pain but massively essential

It’s 25th of August and the sun is absolutely baking outside so here I am sat in my overly warm office having great fun with a copy of Symantec Backup Exec. On a  different note its only 4 months till Christmas…I best think about getting some Christmas shopping done otherwise my family will all be getting Kingston USB Flash drives again! Going away to see family on the other side of London this weekend so hopefully the weather should hold out!


So anyway, here I am having fun with a copy of Symantec Backup Exec. It had a major issue on this particular Server and so it needed a reinstall and an update (Good old Symantec Liveupdate!!).

After re-installation the Exchange Store isn’t showing up in the backup selection list however it will still back it up as I have ran some old Exchange-only backup jobs that I created a while ago so this means that Backup Exec is talking to Exchange (Exchange Server 2007 running on SBS 2008).

So, I can now confirm that it’s able to backup Exchange Server but the application itself (Backup Exec 2010) still won’t show it up? Even though I’m fairly competent in Backup Exec I can’t help but wonder whether to stick with Backup Exec or whether to recommend that the customer invest in another backup solution such as BackupAssist which is what we use now rather than Backup Exec. BackupAssist is a lot simpler to backup and to restore. It allows you to restore Exchange backups as PST files so that they can be imported straight back in to Exchange rather than have the potential mess of having to restore the whole Exchange Store….




It’s backing up at a hell of a speed of 3.6Gb/min – I’m impressed… Thank heavens for for  USB 3.0!

Right… Now where was I?

380b216 More information about BackupAssist can be found at

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