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Facebook’s Own Blockchain-Based Cryptocurrency

Facebook is reported to be developing its own blockchain-based cryptocurrency that will enable its users to have a PayPal-like experience when purchasing advertised products, as well as providing authentication and an audit trail. What Is Blockchain? Blockchain’s Co-Founder Nic Carey…

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Controversial Copyright Backed By MEPs

The European Parliament has given its backing to new copyright rules, including the controversial Article 13, (opposed by many big tech companies) which could now change the way that Europe's creative and digital industries work. European Parliament Vote The new…

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Microsoft And Adobe Team Up To Fight Salesforce

  • March 27, 2019
  • News

Microsoft and Adobe are teaming up to make it easier for users of Adobe’s marketing software to find and target potential customers for business goods on Microsoft’s LinkedIn, thereby fighting their common competitor Inc. What Is Salesforce? Salesforce is…

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